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No matter the style of carpet you want, Stine Home carries a wide variety of options. Choose from textured, patterned, looped/Berber, or Frieze/ Twist. Each has its own characteristics and benefits and comes in a large selection of colors, so you can find the one perfect for you and your home.

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Carpet is beautiful and soft underfoot, making it the perfect flooring choice for rooms where you want to add comfort, such as your bedroom, family room, living room, dining room, and your stairs. Carpet will add style, reduce noise, and can withstand everyday messes, making it a great option for every home.

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Your carpet should not only match your personal style, but also be able to meet your lifestyle needs. Shop by feature to find the right carpet for a home with pets, high-traffic areas, durability, and extra softness. Carpet is available in a wide selection of performance needs so you can find what works for you and your home.

Popular Colors

Nothing contributes more to the overall feel of a room than color. So choosing the right color for your design style is crucial. At Stine Home, we carry a wide selection of colors so you will be able to find the right one for your home. Browse our most popular carpet colors to get started.

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We want your next home improvement project to be a success. Whether you want to learn more before you buy or you are a home improvement enthusiast or budget conscious, we have Projects & guides to help you tackle all your flooring projects like a professional.

ow to Install carpet

How to Install carpet

Installing carpet isn't as hard as it looks, learn from our easy step-by-step guide!



Stine Home carries the best quality carpet from the top names in manufacturing. Choose from Shaw, Philadelphia Commercial flooring for beautiful, durable carpet that you’ll love for many years.

About Carpet from Stine Home

Stine Home + Yard carries the carpet you need for your home or business, as well as carpet padding and artificial grass. Carpet is stylish, comfortable, and welcoming. Carpeting also reduces sound. Today’s carpet is made with the latest technological advances in manufacturing, so it is more durable and longer lasting than ever. Most products are stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and wear-resistant, making them kid and pet-friendly. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and performance levels, carpet can be modern, traditional, sophisticated, rustic, elegant, or casual, or anything in between. You’ll be sure to find the carpet perfect for your home or office, no matter your budget.

Artificial Grass & Turf

Our artificial grass, or turf, is the perfect product for your outdoor living space. It will hold up to wear and tear, as well as the weather. Artificial grass is always green and doesn’t need routine maintenance, such as watering or mowing, saving you time and money. Artificial grass is the perfect product for your patio or other outdoor living areas.

Types of Carpet

There are several different types of carpet, each with its own benefits. The type of carpet you choose is ultimately up to your style and lifestyle:

Cut and loop / Patterned carpet - Made with a combination of cut and looped yarn that creates patterns with the variation in textures. Cut and loop, or patterned carpet, does a great job at hiding stains and holding up to foot traffic, making it a great choice for busy rooms.

Textured carpet - Cut pile carpet that has alternating twists of yarn creating a two-tone appearance. Textured carpet hides footprints and vacuum marks, while creating a casual atmosphere.

Loop carpet is made of yarn that is left uncut, and the result is durable and versatile carpet perfect for almost any room of your home.

Carpet Installation

With planning, careful measuring, and the right tools, you can install carpet yourself. Begin by measuring your room and gathering all the materials you will need, including your carpet. Then remove your old flooring and prep your subfloors. Install tack strips and your carpet padding, and then you’re ready to cut and lay your new carpet.

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