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No matter the style of laminate you want, Stine Home carries a wide variety of options. Choose from hand-scraped, smooth, or reclaimed/textured styles. Each has its own characteristics and benefits and comes in a large selection of colors, so you can find the one perfect for you and your overall look.

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Laminate is a beautiful, durable flooring that is perfect for many households. It is a versatile flooring option that will last for many years. Choose laminate for your bedroom, family room, living room, dining room, or even your stairs, for a look you will love in your home.

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Your laminate floors should not only match your personal style but need to meet your lifestyle and performance needs. Shop by feature to find the right laminate that is water-resistant or even waterproof, wide-plank, or tile-look. Laminate is available in a variety of performance needs so you can find what works for you and your home.

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Nothing contributes more to the overall feel of a room than color. We carry a wide selection of colors of laminate so you will be able to find the right one for your home. Browse our most popular colors, grays, naturals, or dark hues, to get started.


Stine Home carries the best quality flooring from the top names in manufacturing for a product you can trust. Choose from Shaw, Mohawk, Armstrong, COREtec, Karastan, and more for beautiful, durable flooring that you’ll love for many years.

About Laminate Flooring from Stine Home

At Stine Home + Yard we carry fashionable, quality laminate flooring that will help you design the perfect space in your home. Choose from our wide variety of laminate flooring, available in different colors, styles, designs, and patterns, so you can find the product perfect for you. Laminate flooring is made to mimic the look of natural hardwood, but it is available at a fraction of the cost and is easier to install. Plus, laminate flooring is durable, resistant to fading, scratching, wear and tear, stains, and moisture, making it a great option for busy households. It is also kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and great for a high-traffic area for a worry-free flooring. You will love your new laminate floors from Stine Home.

Waterproof & Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is available in both waterproof and water-resistant options, for a worry-free flooring that you can install in any room of your home. Since laminate flooring can withstand water, you can have the look of wood even in rooms prone to moisture, such as your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Some of our laminate flooring includes a waterproof pad for extra protection for your convenience. Both options are incredibly durable and easy to maintain and are great choices for a busy household. Your waterproof and water-resistant laminate floors will not bow or warp when exposed to water ensuring your floors will look beautiful in your home for many years.

Things to Know About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring remains a popular choice for many homeowners because of its visual appeal, versatility, and its ability to stand up to even the busiest of households. It is a great option for many rooms of your home. Before you buy, here are some more things you should know about laminate floors to help you find the perfect product for you.

  • Thickness

    Planks of laminate are available in varying thicknesses from 7-12 millimeters. Thickness includes any attached underlayment, as well as the core of the plank. The thicker the laminate, the more it will resist bends in the case of an uneven subfloor and the better it will absorb sound. It should be noted, the thickness of laminate flooring is not necessarily a testament to its durability or quality. The top layer of laminate is what determines its ability to stand up to wear and tear, as well as scratches or dents. Similarly the laminate’s quality is about the materials used to make the planks, not their thickness.

  • Widths

    Laminate flooring is available in varying plank widths, typically from about 5 inches to 8 inches. The width you choose will depend on the look you want to achieve and the size of your room. The wider the plank, the more continuous and expansive the surface will be.

  • Finishes

    Laminate flooring comes in a large selection of finishes, all designed to mimic the colors, textures, and characteristics of natural wood for a beautiful product. You can choose between the looks of different species, including oak, walnut, maple, cherry, pine, and more. The one you choose will depend on your personal style and look of your home.

  • AC ratings

    The Abrasion Criteria, or AC, rating refers to the durability of laminate flooring. The rating is measured on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most durable. AC1 can withstand areas with light foot traffic, while AC2 is for medium foot traffic. AC3 can be placed in any room of the home, including high-traffic areas such as hallways. AC4 can be used in high-traffic residential areas and some commercial areas, while AC5 is for heavy commercial use.

  • Textures

    Laminate flooring is available in a variety of textures, which are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural hardwood flooring. Choose from embossed, hand-scraped, or high-gloss to achieve the look you want in your home. Embossed laminate flooring adds depth and texture to simulate the look of hardwood. Hand-scraped is laminate that has been pressed to look like hand-scraped hardwood. High-gloss has a shine to it and is resistant to scratches and dents.

  • Underlayments

    Many of today’s laminate flooring already have underlayment attached to the planks so there is no need to install underlayment first. But if your product does not have it attached, you’ll need to install it before installing your laminate flooring. Underlayment helps protect your flooring from moisture and helps absorb sound. It also helps keep your flooring warmer underfoot.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to install so it is perfect for someone who enjoys doing their own home improvement projects or the budget-conscious. Laminate's tongue-and-groove design makes it relatively quick to install, and it doesn't take many tools to complete the job. Laminate is a floating floor that snaps together and does not attach to the subfloor or underlayment so you don’t have to worry about nailing or gluing boards down. Before you begin your installation, make sure you measure your room and gather all the materials and tools you’ll need. Remove your existing flooring and prepare your subfloor. Then, you’ll be ready to install your new laminate flooring. Consult our guide for DIY installation for detailed instructions.