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Concrete / Blacktop Mixes - Road Rescue Asphalt Patch

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Road Rescue Asphalt Patch

Driveway and Blacktop Patch/Repair

Road Rescue Asphalt Patch is available for purchase in increments of 1

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  • * Covers 35%-43% More Area per Pound than the majority of products currently on the market
  • * Permanent Repair-will not be a repeat project for the consumer
  • * Apply in Wet or Dry Weather
  • * Apply in Hot or Cold Temperatures
  • * Ready for Traffic Immediately
  • * No Mixing or Special Equipment Required
  • * QR Code On the Bag-Customers may scan the bag with their smart phone for a video tutorial
  • * 5 mil Tear and Puncture Resistant Bag-Results in a cleaner product and does not get the consumer dirty when handling
  • * UV Protected Bag- Consumer may leave bag outdoors prior to using without the bag deteriorating


  • * 50lb Bag
  • Covers 7 Sq Ft.

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Some of the benefits of Road Rescue Asphalt Patch include: covers 35%-43% more area per pound than the majority of products currently on the market; apply in wet or dry weather; apply in hot or cold temperatures; ready for traffic immediately; no mixing or special equipment required; UV protected bag which the consumer may leave bag outdoors prior to using without the bag deteiorating.