Forney Welding Nozzle Gel 1 pc

Item No. 2407344 2407344

This nozzle gel will eliminate erratic operation with a film that will not clog orifices and threads on MIG nozzles and contact tips. This gel is odorless, non-toxic, silicone free and will not cause porosity.
  • Suitable for use on fixture of semi-automatic and automatic welders
  • Also available in an earth friendly anti-spatter
  • Prevents weld spatter from adhering to MIG nozzles, contact tips, weld area and work surface
  • Forney
  • 1
  • 37031
  • 2407344
  • N
  • Welding Nozzle Gel
  • 1 piece
  • 1.02 pound

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