NDS Spee-D 6.5 in. W X 7.8 in. D Round Catch Basin

Item No. 40949 40949

Got trouble with rainfall making a flooded, mucky mess of your yard? Stormwater that can't properly drain can lead to soil erosion, seep into your home's foundation, and cause other costly damage to property. Here's how to prevent you can prevent it. Collect excess stormwater from your lawn, landscaped areas, patios, walkways, and other flood-prone areas with the two-outlet Spee-D Catch Basin. The two-outlet catch basin can be used as part of a series of connected catch basins positioned along the drainage line. The catch basin directs water to drain pipes which then carry the water to a discharge point downstream such as a pop-up emitter, or to percolate into the ground with a dry well or infiltration trench. Two basin outlets each connect to 3 in. & 4 in. single-wall corrugated, sewer and drain, triple-wall pipe & 4 in. Sch. 40 pipe for a secure, soil-tight fit. Made of polystyrene treated with UV inhibitors. Easy access to the sump area makes it a breeze to clean out. Each NDS catch basin outlet has a 68 GPM flow capacity. Load rating based on type of grate installed (grate sold separately).
  • Used with plastic, brass or cast iron grates
  • Fits 4 in. SCH 40 pipe and 3 in. and 4 in. sewer and drain pipe, corrugated pipe or triple-wall pipe
  • Locking outlet for corrugated pipe
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Sump area collects debris to prevent clogging
  • Use with grates or pop-up emitters
  • NDS
  • 2
  • 201
  • 40949
  • Catch Basin
  • N
  • 4589180;4589222;4597829;4597852;4597936;4695698
  • Residential and commercial storm water management solutions
  • Spee-D
  • Residential and commercial storm water management
  • 7.8 inch
  • Styrene
  • 4 inch
  • 3 inch
  • 1
  • 2 holes
  • Bagged
  • Yes
  • Spee-D
  • 6.5 inch
  • Round
  • Plastic

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