Henry PR175070 Foundation Coating

Item No. 120128 120128

A cold applied liquid asphalt in a solvent system. Penetrating type coating formulated to provide a durable, weather-resistant film. For long-wearing protection of foundation coating. Also use to dampproofing above and below-grade exterior concrete and masonry walls and foundations that are thoroughly dry. Covers 1.5 to 2 gal per 100 sq-ft. depending upon the porosity and roughness of the surface.
  • Fusion welded, maintenance-free, all vinyl frame and sash construction
  • Integral 1 in J-channel siding return
  • Pre-punched nailing fin for added ease of installation
  • Double strength (DSB) tempered glass for added safety and durability
  • Fully weeped frame for efficient water removal
  • Dual operating and removable sash
  • Fully weather-stripped - 2X sash top and sides, 3X sash bottom
  • True interlocking sash
  • Hook latch lock for positive, secure sash to sash engagement
  • Black
  • Liquid
  • 5 gal Pail
  • Henry
  • PR175070
  • 120128

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