Henry HE308 Series HE308004 Driveway Crack Repair

Item No. 120102 120102

Used in filling and sealing cracks in driveway, walks, parking lots and other asphalt based pavement material. Repairing cracks before topcoating surface with all types of driveway sealers. Excellent long-lasting adhesion. Won't become brittle or shrink. Fills cracks 1 in deep and up to 1/2 in wide. Holds strong under extreme weather. Specially formulated asphalt emulsion filler compound to prevent damaging water entering cracks in asphalt pavement.
  • Henry's elastomeric crack repair gives do it yourselfers an easy way to fill minor cracks in home driveway surfaces
  • Applies and cleans up easily
  • Superior long-lasting adhesion
  • Won't become brittle or shrink
  • Most durable crack repair
  • Liquid
  • Black
  • Slight
  • 10.1 oz Cartridge
  • Henry
  • HE308004
  • 120102

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