USG Sheetrock Plus 3 White All Purpose Lightweight Joint Compound 3.5 gal

Item No. 19253 19253

Weighing up to 25% less than conventional weight compounds, USG Sheetrock Brand Plus 3 Joint Compound is ideal for repairing cracks on drywall and plaster, embedding USG Sheetrock Brand Paper Joint Tape, and applying drywall filling and finishing coats. May also be used for covering fasteners, USG Sheetrock Brand Corner Bead and Trim, skim coating drywall surfaces, and hand-applying simple textures. Requiring less coats over fasteners and bead, it eliminates the need for taping and topping compounds. USG ready-mixed joint compounds are preferred for consistently high-quality work. Superior formulations are premixed to a creamy, smooth consistency and are essentially free of crater-causing air bubbles. They can be used in hand or machine-tool applications and offer excellent slip, bond, and easy workability.
  • Lightweight joint compound for all drywall finishing steps
  • Weighs up to 25% less than conventional weight joint compounds
  • Applies and sands easily with less shrinkage
  • Minimizes coats over fasteners and bead
  • Pre-mixed compound for minimal mixing, thinning, and retendering
  • USG Sheetrock
  • Plus 3
  • 37
  • 383640
  • 19253
  • Joint Compound
  • N
  • Plus 3
  • White
  • 3.5 gallon (US)
  • Carton
  • Yes
  • Plus 3
  • All Purpose Lightweight
  • Indoor
  • No Additional Features
  • White

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