Sheetrock Flexible Metal Tape-on Corner Bead

Item No. 1533 1533

Sheetrock® Brand Flexible Metal Tape-On Corner Bead ensures straight, strong corners at any angle on cathedral and drop ceilings, around bay windows, and in a variety of other applications. Combining steel strength with superior bond of compound to paper, the corners are manufactured with two steel strips attached to a strong paper tape covering that provides excellent adhesion of joint compound, paint, and texture.
  • Easy installation that resists edge cracking and chipping, delivering corners that stay beautiful despite the stresses of normal building movement and everyday wear-and-tear
  • Unique nose coating on the paper minimizes scuffing and fuzzing when finishing and sanding
  • Applied with joint compound instead of nails, eliminating nail popping when the wood frame shrinks over time
  • It is available in two styles:
  • B1 Beaded Flex — Delivers straight, strong outside corners. It has a unique raised bead (nose) that provides faster, easier joint compound finishing
  • Flex Tape — Designed to fit any inside or outside angle
  • The corners are backed by a lifetime-limited warranty.
  • Sheetrock
  • 10
  • 1533
  • Administrative Offices Auditoriums and Gymnasiums Bars Restaurants and Dining Areas Cafeterias Classrooms Convention and Meeting Rooms Corridors and Hallways Department Stores and Boutiques Dormitories Executive Areas, Conference Areas and Board Rooms Exterior Soffits and Indoor Parking Garage Galleries and Exhibit Spaces Garages Grocery Stores Guest Rooms and Suites Health and Fitness Kitchens and Food Prep Areas Laboratories, Operating Rooms and Imaging Rooms Lobbies and Reception Areas Locker Rooms, Shower Areas and Pools Mall Interior Spaces Mechanical Rooms Media Centers, Music Rooms and Libraries Multi-Family Residential and Condos Nurseries and Birthing Rooms Open Plan Offices Patient Rooms Restrooms, Utility Rooms and Loading Docks Single-Family Residential Stairways and Elevator Shafts Theatres Traditional Offices Warehouses

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