Martin's Eraser Weed & Grass Killer 41% Concentrate 1 qt.

Item No. 705819 705819

Use Instructions: This product is formulated for treatment of individual weeds and grasses or for treatment of large areas as, instructed on this label (see specific site areas below). Apply with a plastic, aluminum or stainless steel tank-type sprayer. Use a tank-type sprayer with a coarse spray nozzle for spot treatments. Use the ORTHO Spray to treat large areas such as for lawn renovation or to prepare sites for planting flower beds or vegetable gardens. Apply to evenly and thoroughly wet weeds and grasses.
Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature.

  • Low odor water-based formulation. Rainproof in hours. Kills unwanted vegetation and grass.
  • Martin's
  • 3
  • 100510164
  • 705819
  • Controls Annual Weed, Perennial Weed, Shrubs, Vine
  • Spray
  • Glyphosate; N-(phosphonomethyl) glysine
  • Glyphosate, [N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine]

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