Lava Bar Soap 5.75 oz

Item No. 92325 92325

Pumice soap cuts through even the toughest grease and grime the Lava bar is the original heavy-duty hand cleaner with pumice. Since 1893, do-it-yourselfers, auto mechanics, coal miners and oil rig workers have depended on the power of Lava pumice hand soap. When regular hand soaps won't cut it, you need a heavy-duty hand cleaner that gets the job done. With the power of pumice particles, Lava bar soap scrubs away dirt and grease while leaving your hands feeling smooth.
  • For family projects involving ink, paint, adhesives and dirt
  • Lava's name was derived from one of its key ingredients-pumice
  • Cleans and softens hand
  • Lava
  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
  • 1
  • 10185
  • 92325
  • N
  • 8.6
  • Bar Soap
  • No
  • 5.75 ounce
  • Yes
  • 1 pack
  • Shrink Wrapped

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