Jandorf Lamp Nipple

Item No. 3365624 3365624

Used in repairing or making lighting fixtures and lamps, lamp nipples fit inside lighting fixtures or lamps serving as the skeleton. This is where the wiring or cord is threaded through as well. Jandorf lamp nipples come in a variety of lengths to fit your needs. The nipple can also be cut to size or connected with a coupling or reducer to adjust the length.
  • Easy to use
  • Made on high quality material
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Jandorf
  • 1
  • 60175
  • 3365624
  • Lamp Nipple
  • N
  • Silver
  • Zinc Plated
  • 3.5 inch
  • 1 pack
  • Carded
  • Silver
  • Zinc

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