Square D HomeLine 100 amps 120/240 V 6 space 12 circuits Flush Mount Main Lug Load Center

Item No. 34037 34037

Homeline plug-on neutral load centers offer time-savings for plug-on neutral combination arc fault (CAFI) and dual function circuit breaker installation. Innovative, split neutrals are designed to save you time and wire, allowing plug-on neutral circuit breakers to connect directly to the neutral bar without the pigtail. Coupled with the state-of-the-art design, neutral bars are now fully-distributed, accepting plug-on neutral circuit breakers on any space.
  • Homeline 100 amp 6-space 12-circuit indoor flush mount main lug load center
  • Faster installation fewer connections
  • Saves wire fully distributed split neutral bar
  • Frees gutter space no pigtails
  • Easier troubleshooting time saver diagnostics provide additional circuit information at the touch of a button
  • Faster and easier wiring all spaces accept tandems
  • Engineered for value, Homeline plug-on neutral load centers are designed for fast installation, reliability and superior circuit protection
  • With industry leading innovations and exclusive features, Square D Homeline load centers are the smart, safe, reliable choice
  • Applications residential, remodels or upgrades, commercial, agricultural
  • Square D
  • Homeline
  • 7
  • HOM612L100FCP
  • 34037
  • Main Lug Load Center
  • N
  • HomeLine
  • 100 ampere
  • Yes
  • Main Lug
  • 3.8 inch
  • 10.3 inch
  • 12 circuits
  • Flush Mount
  • 6 space
  • Boxed
  • HomeLine
  • Yes
  • 120/240 volt
  • 4.3 inch
  • Indoor

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