Stringliner Braided Mason Line and Reel 500 ft. Orange

Item No. 2467033 2467033

The line reel handle is made of durable polyethylene and can hold most 1 inch diameter core rolls of string from 4 inch to 6 inch long. The patented reel allows you to reload rolls of line easily and twine can be rewound with the hand crank or by using a power screwdriver or inserted in the slot in the end of the handle. Loose line end secures in a convenient notch on the handle.
  • Pro reel has a patented handle that allows you to change spools easily
  • Handle made of durable polyethylene
  • Quality 18 braided nylon line
  • Tensile strength of 165 lbs.
  • Hand rewind or auto-rewind using a power screwdriver inserted into the slot in the bottom of the handle
  • Stringliner
  • 1
  • 25491
  • 2467033
  • N
  • Stringliner
  • Mason Line and Reel
  • Stringliner
  • Plastic
  • No
  • 500 foot
  • Nylon-Polyester
  • Braided
  • Orange
  • Orange

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