Grip-Rite Staple PS 7/8" 5m 18ga

Item No. 211667 211667

For the most comprehensive selection of collated staples, look for Grip-Rite Collated Fasteners, the most popular brand of fasteners in America. Collated fasteners are held together with paper, wire, plastic, tape, or glue at a specific angle for use with power nailers and staplers. No matter what the project or what size the job, Grip-Rite Collated Fasteners are the optimal fastening solution, available nationwide from a variety of dealers and retail establishments. There are many sizes and styles of collated staples available. As construction materials and techniques evolve, fastener design keeps pace with the changing technology. Fastener needs vary from project to project and the safety and life expectancy of the project can be extended or compromised based upon the fastener used.
  • Component assembly, paneling, trim, casing, molding and furniture
  • Works with Grip-Rite GRTSN100 and GRTSN150
  • Works with most 18-Gauge 1/4 in. crown staplers, 5000 pcs
  • Grip-Rite
  • GRL12
  • 211667
  • Glue
  • Staple
  • No Additional Features
  • 18
  • 5000
  • 4.496 lb
  • 90-Day
  • 7/8
  • Galvanized Steel
  • 1/4" Crown
  • Primesource

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