NORTON ProSand 07660768174 Sanding Sheet

Item No. 116251 116251

Crafted using a premium, heat-treated abrasive, ProSand A259PS coarse-grit paper sheet cuts faster and longer than ordinary paper and is a great choice for heavy material removal. Pair it with your sanding board/block or sand by hand to remove stock from fiberglass and composites; aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium and super alloys, hard, soft and 300 Series stainless steels and hard and softwoods. Latex-saturated and featuring a heavyweight, fiber-reinforced backing, this highly flexible tear-resistant paper is easy to fold and provides excellent grain retention. The water-based stearate open coating resists clogging and loading and eliminates color transfer during sanding.
  • Premium heat-treated abrasive offers faster cut and longer sanding life than 3X technology
  • Increased backing weight
  • Fiber-reinforcement and latex saturation offers better grain retention and tear resistance yet is highly flexible for easy folding and unfolding
  • Non-pigmented, water-based stearate anti-clog coating, open coat for best resistance to clogging and loading during sanding
  • Anti-clog provides best resistance to premature loading during sanding
  • No color dye in coating process so there is no chance of color transfer to workpiece
  • 11 in L
  • 9 in W
  • Coarse
  • 80 Grit
  • Aluminum Oxide Abrasive
  • Paper Backing
  • 02641
  • 116251

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