ENCORE Plastics 350358 Paint Pail

Item No. 199442 199442

ENCORE™ CAMO buckets are molded from a low melt HDPE to ensure the impact strength. ENCORE's quality buckets provide high standard shipping capabilities, eliminating the danger of product contamination or loss. ENCORE™ CAMO space-efficient bucket is a smart design in product development. Space-efficient buckets allow more units per pallet in shipping, resulting in improved freight efficiency and can minimize the need for additional storage space in warehouse.
  • Convenient storage with a purpose
  • CAMO buckets are 70 mil thick wall
  • CAMO buckets are great for kids
  • 5 gal Capacity
  • Plastic
  • Mossy Oak
  • ENCORE Plastics
  • 1001258
  • 199442

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