LPS 3 Corrosion Inhibitor 11 oz 1 pk

Item No. 13555 13555

LPS 3 premier rust inhibitor forms a self-healing, soft, waxy film that seals out moisture and other corrosive elements. This inhibitor has 62.8 percent VOC contents that evaporate slowly without leaving any residues or stains. It has a vapor pressure of 2.6 millimeters Hg at 20 degrees C, boiling temperature range of 320 to 392 degrees F and a specific gravity of 0.87. This inhibitor has a coverage capacity of 401 square feet per gallon at 4 wet mils. The mild cherry odored corrosion inhibitor has a flash point of 64.4 degrees F, making it safe for use. It has an auto-ignition temperature rating of 230 degrees C. Long-term protection. Soft, waxy, self heating film.
  • Premier rust inhibitor, protects even in the harshest environment
  • Inhibits exfoliation and filiform corrosion of aluminum
  • Ideal for use on interior sections of vehicle doors, pumps and hose assemblies
  • Applications for aircraft fuselages, battery terminals, cables, chains and pulleys, cargo sections, interior sections of vehicle doors, metal parts, pumps and hose assemblies
  • Penetrates to displace moisture
  • LPS
  • 1
  • 00316
  • 13555
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • N
  • 5.6
  • LPS
  • 3
  • LPS
  • 11 ounce
  • Yes
  • 1 pack
  • Yes
  • 3

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