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Meet Amy and learn how simple it is to
Rescue, Restore and Redecorate
with Amy Howard At Home chalk-based products from Stine 

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Painting Cabinets

All that sanding, stripping, and priming - who needs it? Now there's Amy Howard at Home One Step Chalk Based Paint, a revolutionary new paint product that allows you to transform furniture, cabinetry, and everything in between with just one swipe of rich, concrete, iron, stone, chalky, soft color. Yes, it's that easy! You can even use this on Formica, plastic, metal, and lacquered wood.

Painting Fabric

Learn from Amy as she teaches you how to use the Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint on fabric with a stencil.

Antiquing Mirror

The Amy Howard at Home Antique Mirror Solution allows you to give the patina of age to mirrored glass. Use the Antique Mirror Solution to give a framed mirror the look of an Old World antique. You can also use the Antique Mirror Solution on mirror insets to a vanity or chest!

Rescue one of the millions of pieces of furniture thrown away annually for the ultimate recycled before and after project. Any mirrored surface can be artfully transformed with the Amy Howard at Home Antique Mirror Stripper and Mirror Solution.

Antiquing Zinc

Amy Howard at Home Zinc Antiquing Solution enables you to give metal the look of aged zinc. Use the Zinc Solution to oxidize and age the metal, then follow with an application of Amy Howard at Home Antique Wax to buff and seal the metal. Annual maintenance applications of Amy Howard at Home Antique Wax is recommended to protect your piece.

Take a plain metal desktop from standard to special, or add a unique top to your kitchen island. Use Amy Howard at Home Zinc Solution to create an aged zinc finish on your favorite metal candlesticks or containers as well.

Applying Cracked Patina

As painted pieces of furniture begin to age, they begin to have a more weathered and aged crack to them. With the Amy Howard at Home Cracked Patina, you can create large premiere cracks or small neutral cracks. Cracked Patina is also a collagen adhesive that you can use to repair wood furniture, paper, leather, and cardboard.

Applying Lacquer

Learn from Amy as she teaches you how to use the Amy Howard at Home High Performance Furniture Lacquer to Rescue, Restore, and Redecorate a chair.

Amy Howard At Home Products are available at all Stine Locations
except Alexandria and Iowa.

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