Students at St. John Elementary work together to plant and water their new Live Oak tree.

CITGO's Earth Keepers recycling program provides schools with classroom and outdoor recycling bins at no cost, as well as providing instructions and recycling education to maintain the program.

And to reward these schools for  "going green", Stine coordinated efforts to plant trees at each of these schools. Following the first year of the program, Stine planted trees at Sulphur area schools.  In January of 2017, Stine and Wilkinson Tree Farm teamed up to plant Live Oak trees at nine more schools in Lake Charles.

Students at Prien Lake Elementary pack the soil around their new tree.

"Students have been so enthusiastic about it," said April Altazan with CITGO. "The principals and the teachers have been such a big help in engaging students in the recycling program and teaching them why it is important to recycle and not waste." 

Stine Marketing Manager Angie Sivori says, "It's very important to us to share with the students the importance of planting trees.  We explain that not only are trees used for the lumber that it takes to build the homes in which they live, but trees provide oxygen for us to breathe and a place for wildlife to live.  We also talk about how trees provide shade for cooler play areas for them and less expensive utility bills for their moms and dads." 

Children at Oak Park Elementary were excited to be a part of the planting.

Schools receiving trees in 2017 were J.J. Johnson, Oak Park, St. John, Prien Lake, Nelson and Kaufman elementary schools; S.J. Welsh and F.K. White middle schools; and Barbe High School.

Students at S J Welsh Middle School proudly displayed their posters in support of the Earth Keepers Program.